Aerosol Particle Technology ڰпǿ Ű ȯմϴ.
  Title : Design and characterization of an improved screw-assisted rotary feeding system for aerosolization of ultra-small quantities of particulate solids
  Author : Kang Soo Lee, Jae Hee Jung, Sang In Keel, Jin Han Yun, Yong Jin Kim, Hyung Keun Lee and Sang Soo Kim
  Journal : Aerosol Science and Technology, Vol.44, pp.563-569
  Year of Pub. : 2010
  File : Design and Characterization of an Improved Screw-Assisted Rotary Feeding System for Aerosolization of Ultra-Small Quantities of Particulate Solids.pdf (4.5M), Down : 71, 2010-07-23 14:44:44